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CEO Weekends: ‘The Wolf of wall street’ banned in Kenya

by Milcah Lukhanyu
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wolf-on-wall-streetThe Kenya Film Classification Board has banned the sale, exhibition and distribution of a Hollywood film The Wolf of Wall Street.

When contacted, the board’s communications office said the film has been “restricted” due to elements that include nudity, sex, alcohol, drugs and profanity.

According to Hollywood Reporter, with 569 F-bombs (a record) and graphic sex scenes, the film has been censored or edited-down dramatically in some foreign markets – namely Asian and Middle Eastern.

The Kenya Film Classification Board posted on their Facebook page:

Some users on social media were against the move by the Film Board with one twitter user stating “who still bans movies on this 21st century?.. smh RT Kenya Film Classification Board has BANNED “The Wolf of Wallstreet” in Kenya!”

While others stated that the move only served to make the film more appealing to local viewers. “You know you have just made it more appealing, right? Everybody who sees this will get to watch it just to find out what is the big issue with it.” One person commented on the board’s Facebook page.

Personally I watched the movie two days prior to the ban and to say the truth, the board is kind of right to ban the movie, as within the first 10 minutes you might be thinking you’re watching a porn movie. In some countries they have just cut out some scenes, so the movie is like 45 minutes shorter. Anyway you have to watch it to judge for yourself.

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