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Africa To Unveil dotAfrica In May


The dotAfrica domain is expected to begin September this year; this comes after the expiry of the Sunrise and Rush periods which were to begin in May 2014.

Neil Dundas, ZA Central Registry (ZACR) Chief Operating Officer, said:  “dotAfrica (.africa) domains will be available for registration on a first-come-first-served basis from September 2014 once the rights of trade mark holders have been processed during the designated Sunrise period.”

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Dundas explained that the Registry has received a formal invitation from ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers) to commence contracting in its capacity as the selected dotAfrica registry operator who has successfully completed initial evaluation.

“There are two items that have delayed the conclusion of contracting, namely the provision of a Continuing Operating Instrument (COI) according to ICANN’s revised criteria and the fact that our company name has changed from UniForum SA to the ZA Central Registry,” said Lucky Masilela ZACR’s new CEO.

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He added that South Africa’s foreign exchange controls have presented challenges in terms of getting the contract process underway.

In addition, the issue of the name change has initiated a contract change request and this process is currently under review by ICANN. Other than the mandatory 30-day application comment period, the ZACR does not anticipate that this will lead to anyfurther delays in the contracting process.

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In the context of the above, the ZACR is confident that it will be in a position to execute the Registry Agreement (RA) during the course of March 2014. This will then enable the organization to complete Pre-Delegation Testing (PDT) and the submission and approval of its launch program. “All things being equal we anticipate that we will be able to commence our Sunrise process in either April or May this year,” said Mr Dundas.

Upon receiving the final go-ahead from ICANN, the ZACR will commence the dotAfrica launch process by running both Sunrise and Land Rush applications in parallel for a period of 90-days.

Caroline Vutagwa
Caroline Vutagwa
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