‘House of Cards’ renewed for another 2 seasons


‘House of Cards’ stars Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright will get another season of their hit Netflix series to bring on the drama.

Netflix says its acclaimed drama “House of Cards” will get a third season.

house of cards 2

The online video provider had previously been cagey about the future of the series, which initially received a two-season order of 13 episodes apiece.


Netflix offered no details concerning production start or release date for the third season’s 13 episodes.

“House of Cards” stars Kevin Spacey as a diabolical former U.S. senator now risen to vice president.

A two-time Oscar winner, Spacey is also a producer of “House of Cards” and just like Netflix doesn’t disclose how many people watch the series or any of its originals, but said that — according to the numbers he has seen — “‘House of Cards’ is the most-watched show in the history of Netflix in every country that Netflix is in.” He did shed some light on how video streaming services have forever changed the relationship between the audience and the television they watch. While he doubts everybody now binge-watches television shows, he concedes that business models are changing and have changed for quite some time now. “I think that maybe the days of appointment viewing are behind us.”

The first season instantly made Netflix a force in the arena of original video content and snagged nine prime-time Emmy nominations. Robin Wright won a Golden Globe for her portrayal of Spacey’s scheming wife.

Asked by a reporter about how many seasons he thinks “House of Cards” can be extended to, Spacey didn’t take long to reply, if jokingly, but in a serious tone: 37.