Friday, June 14, 2024
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Netflix Surpasses 40 Million Subscribers on Ad-Supported Plan, Reveals Growth Strategy

Netflix has hit a significant milestone in its subscription offerings, with the number of monthly active users...

How to conveniently Pay Netflix Via MPesa in Kenya.

Netflix is a streaming service that offers a wide variety of award-winning TV shows, movies, anime, documentaries,...

Netflix discontinues LGBTQ-themed movies in Kenya

In February of this year, following discussions initiated in October 2021, Kenya and Netflix Africa finalized an agreement permitting Netflix to self-categorize streamed movies in Kenya by excluding LGBTQ-specific content

Netflix’s Password Sharing Crackdown: What You Need to Know

However, these measures will bring substantial changes for both account holders and individuals who rely on shared access. Discover what this crackdown entails and how it will impact you and any other users associated with your account.

Four countries have seen Netflix take action against password sharing

Due to the widespread practice of customers sharing passwords, the streaming behemoth has struggled with losses. A new update on password sharing and who is permitted to do so without harming the company's operations has, however, been provided by Netflix.

Netflix Co-Founder Reed Hastings steps down as co-CEO

Netflix co-founder Reed Hastings has stepped down as co-CEO. He will be replaced by co-CEO Ted Sarandos...

iPhone, iPad: why you can’t watch Netflix via HDMI anymore

It seems that users of Apple devices running iOS 16 are having difficulties streaming DRM-protected content from...

After A Rough Start In 2022, Netflix Gains 2.4 Million Users

The huge streaming company announced 2.4 million additional paying members between June and September, which sent its stock soaring by more than 18%