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Tempo Smart Calendar Now In South Africa


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The Tempo Smart Calendar has been launched in South Africa; well it is not for every phone but only for the iPhone.

It looks like a calendar but works exactly like a personal assistant; this is how, the app applies the artificial intelligence to data analyzed from the calendar, email and contacts, in order understand what’s important and surfaces information and actions just like a personal assistant that knows what’s coming next.

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This is what you can do with this App

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  • Read news about a company you’re meeting with

  • Call, text or email anyone your calendar

  • Review relevant emails and documents for each meeting

  • Show your contacts at a company

  • Send “running late” messages

  • Browse attendee LinkedIn profiles

  • Dial into conference calls without the passcode hassle

  • Get directions and estimated drive times

Caroline Vutagwa
Caroline Vutagwa
Minding my own business is not enough for me that's why you will always find me minding Africa's Businesses as well as Technology and of course letting you know about it. Talk to me on [email protected]

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