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CEO Weekends: Introducing South Africa’s

by Brian Wafula
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smb-pos-on-a-tabletBy Johan Meyer, co-founder and CEO

After working in the Mobile Money industry for several years I have decided to shift my focus from being just another wallet company to solving the biggest problem all wallet companies are facing, interfacing with the POS and allowing the wallet holder to use his wallet at the POS.
Wallettec’s mission is to become a single interface point between the POS and any mobile / e-wallet solution. The SAAS service which allows any wallet company to interface with any payment solution or POS. We believe that by developing a single solution that will benefit all mobile wallets will not only be a good business model for us but it will improve the mobile money market in Africa and the rest of the world.


Another product offered by Wallettec is the Wallettec Loyalty System. What differentiates our product from the other loyalty systems is our ability to interface with existing POS systems as well as any other payment system available, being mobile, traditional POS or even online payment methods.

Wallettec does not only provide you with a loyalty system but will work with you to develop a loyalty program that will help you increase your business and convert any customer into a returning customer. We believe that loyalty isn’t just a card but an experience. We want to help businesses build visit frequency through a fun in-store customer experience and mobile bounce back rewards.

Wallettec’s business scope is not only limited to South Africa, we can assist you with business in any country world wide.Email us at: [email protected]

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