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Nigeria’s Passnownow Launches Mobile App to Help Students Revise On-The-Go

by Sam Wakoba
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1003188_699843383364728_1375175255_nRISE Network’s PASSNOWNOW, a learning-based social community that uses technology to teach, engage, entertain and empower young Nigerians has launched its Passnownow App in a move to help the youth learn even on the go.

The app, designed by by the MTECH has classwork notes, exam questions and answers, school forum, social news and lots more has been launched for Android devices. Passnownow will soon be available on the Blackberry App store, Windows Store in a few weeks time.

“Creativity has been identified as a potential tool for progress and thus education should focus on developing the creative potential of students rather than “educating them out of their creativity” because Education that tolerates Ignorance is no Education at all,” said Mrs. Roseline Ilori – Country Manager of MTECH Communications While giving a presentation of how the app works. “Our aim is to set young people up for excellent results in Tests and Exams, foster real time useful learning and discussions as a lifelong habit and restore the glory of Nigerian Education.”

426092_599749346707466_1048198244_n Passnownow app was launched at the Second Edition of the Social Media Week Lagos which hosted Africa’s largest Social Media gathering and lasted a total of 5days from the 17th to the 21st of February 2014. Passnownow took the opportunity to exhibit the importance of Technology and how it’s being used to empower and educate Nigerian Secondary School Students was attended by Students, Teachers, Stake Holders and important Dignitaries in the Social Media Business, Education, and Technology Sector.

Mrs. Ilori emphasized the need for Private sector support for E-Learning Initiatives and how its sustainability goes a long way in affecting the overall outcome of such initiatives. She stressed the need for private sectors especially in the Technology field to inculcate the habit of supporting Education as the Integration of these two sectors is the future of Nigeria’s Education.

She also prominently stated the need for parents to improve their knowledge of the usage of technology as it concerns learning, in order to curtail their wards from turning their learning devices into negative influence.




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