Kenyan Events Start-up Launches An NFC Social Media Sharing Card



In a bid to make event ticketing seamless and cashless on integrated platform with social meda, Gigwapi has launched an NFC enabled card ,the Gigwapi Card.

This card will personal information of the card holder and can automatically integrate to thier socila media profile. This is a cool way to share current physical engagements like check in, upload event pictures & messages to their followers on social media by just tapping on designated kiosks – scan point – at an event.

Event organizers and brand sponsors stand to benefit from customer-driven brand visibility arising from the social media integration feature. As messages shared by users using the Gigwapi card goes out as personal endorsements to their followers making it credible and relevant.

“If a kiosk is configured for check-in, once the card is tapped then it will automatically update the user’s Facebook page saying they have checked in at the event. If an event’s sponsor once to share or send a message online, once the card gets tapped the generated message will be shared through the card users page, and on this we are also working on ways to share revenue with the user.”  Kinyanjui Njonde, Co-founder Gigwapi.

In this year’s Safaricom 7s, Safaricom distributed seven hundred tags to attendees on a first come first served basis. The tags were used by the attendees to generate online traffic by swiping it on designated mobile agents distributed across the stadium proving the time right for such a service.

This is the first time such technology is being used in Kenya commercially possibly in Africa. The card will be introduced and distributed to the user physically at events or through an online order at as soon as the cards are processed user will be contacted at on how to collect their card.

In addition the company also introduced and SMS ticketing platform that will allow event organisers to sell sms tickets, making it very easy and convenient for the user and opens up to larger market for them

To learn more on how the card works visit