FOXit’s Begins Its Project Server Report Pack Roll-Out

Anita Potgieter, COO at FOXit
Anita Potgieter, COO at FOXit
Anita Potgieter, COO at FOXit

One of South Africa’s providers of project and portfolio management services, FOXit has rolled out its Project Server Report Packs.

The Project Server Report Packs empower users with this level of information in a format that is accessible, clearly visible and customizable to reflect the progress of any project in any sized venture.

FOXit devised and incorporated Project Server Report Packs in order to help businesses better manage the project management process and allocate resources more strategically.

The Packs incorporate a number of modules that cover every aspect of project management and governance, including project status, timesheet per resource, project assignments and projects by department. These form part of sub-packs including the Project Pack and Resource Pack.

“Every project managed environment would like to execute every project within its portfolio. Sadly, there are always constraints forcing projects to be prioritized according to the needs of the business, budget and resources. Project Server provides built-in functionality allowing portfolio managers to prioritize projects against a scorecard. The Portfolio prioritisation score card allows stakeholders to report on this valuable information. The report indicates the name of the project sponsor, project owner, which project phase the project is currently in, which department will be executing it as well as the ratings against the relevant company drivers,” explains Anita Potgieter, COO at FOXit.

The Status Report is a visual report that indicates the progress of the project – i.e. how much of every project in the portfolio has actually been completed.

The Proposal Pack includes a Governance Phase. As Potgieter explains, organizations that have matured to the stage of governing the project process need to know the status of each project within each phase. Vital information such as the cost, Proposed Start and Finish Dates, amount of days in current phase, Proposal Cost, amount of work, as well as the progress in the completion of a current phase are shown.

Dierdre Strydom, CEO at FOXit, explains: “It depicts critical information that is needed on a daily basis, information such as ‘who is doing what, when and why’. This enables end-users and role players to assess the risk of where there might be an over- or under -allocation of resources. It also offers the client a discounted model. However, if there is a requirement for only one specific report, this can also be accommodated. All reports are customizable in accordance with the requirements of the client.”

FOXit is Microsoft partner with Gold certification across numerous competencies within the Microsoft Partner Network, including Project and Portfolio Management, Portals and Collaboration and as an Independent Software Vendor (ISV).