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Google, Intel & Nailab to Screen Girl Rising Movie to Help Empower Girls in ICT & Entrepreneurship

by Sam Wakoba
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Google,  Intel and The Nailab will this Friday 7th March, 2014 from 6pm, will screen the “Girl Rising” movie at the Nailab in a move to empower the girl child and bridge the ICT and Entrepreneurship gap there is between girls and boys.

Martine Kappel, Founder and CEO True North Leadership, the organizers of the local premier told TechMoran the premier is about leadership. It’s set to inspire women into ICT and entrepreneurship around the world. The event will be held globally in 11 other countries apart from Kenya.

“ICT and Entrepreneurship are key in jobs and wealth creation.  Empowering girls and women in these areas will play a big role in the attainment of Vision 2030’s social pillar. For a nation where ICT is male dominated, the movie comes at a time when the industry is being spurred on to encourage, inspire and recruit more females as this would spur growth in the country’s job creation and ease of doing business for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), whose growth is expected to drive the economy to higher levels,” said a release statement from True North Leadership.

girlrisingGirl Rising’s screening and the debates around it are expected to start a great conversation for all stakeholders to generate progressive conversation with industry players and leaders on the role of women in entrepreneurship and technology. Attendees will engage with experts and listen to girls and women with dreams and aspirations as well as share a global platform with partners like Google+, Intel, Seven Seas Technology among others.

The panel shall consist of Martine Kappel of True North Leadership, Intel’s Suraj Shah,  Mercy Njoroge from Broad Horizons Ltd, Google’s Dorothy Ooko and Lynn Sellanga of Nailab. iHub,  Akirachix and BAKE are also among the panelists.


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