Did You Know About Twitter Graffiti



This is a case in which Paint meets technology as the collaboration between @Converse_Africa and Tractor Outdoor have put into practice South Africa’s very first live graffiti exhibition with creative suggestions being spurred on by means of the #clashwall #CT Twitter hashtags.

The event was located at the famous yellow Clock Tower at the V&A Waterfront and ran between 28th February and 3rd March this year.

Twitter funs had a blast in suggesting the best of the best designs, they were encouraged to take pictures on the graffiti and share them amongst social media platforms. A local street artist was on hand bridging the gap between outdoor and social media by creating the concepts that were suggested by inspired twitter fans.  

The project was an immense success with many locals coming out to see the concept as it came alive from a drab canvas to an inspiring piece of artwork.