Get Ready For the New Version of Office For Mac



Leader of Microsoft’s Office group, Thorsten Hübschen said that by the end of this year, people using Mac will have a new version of the apps suite.

The leader blamed the delay on the merger of the Mac business unit with the Microsoft business unit in 2010. After the unit was shut down, a planned version of Office Mac 2013 never materialized.

Hübschen did not give too much on the detail by assures the members of the public that development teams were working on the apps and that more should be known about the Mac version in the second quarter.

A Microsoft representative confirmed that development the Mac version of the app suite is under way.

The current version of Office for Mac was released in October 2010, some two years after the previous major release in 2008. While the release of the Mac version has historically lagged that of the more popular Office version by several months, it has been more than a year since Office 2013 for Windows was released in January 2013.