Wants to Provide Real Time Analytics for the Nigerian Music Industry


10152644_643459785709336_1918265277_nFounded July last year by Segun Jerome an and a friend, Playspread has gone live in private beta in March 2014 to provide real time analytics to the Nigerian music industry which is growing to be a multimillion naira business and one of the biggest music businesses in Africa and the world, but lacking proper data analytics on revenues among others. real time analytics aim to help music artists, producers, record companies, government monitoring bodies, award organizers, music blogs, rating agencies,brands and the general public understand and make decisions with data music in Nigeria. The startup has developed technology and processes that will track billions of media signals, summarizing every listen on the radio, every play on YouTube, every mention and follow on social media, every purchase on iTunes, every concert and mention on radio and TV.

According to a recent report done by analyzing global music data from the International Federation of Phonographic Industries (IFPI), the data reported on music in Africa was very conservative and this is because data on African markets is sparse.

Segun Jerome, Chief Product Development Officer says; “Our mission is simple, we want to provide access to real data for the Nigerian music industry. We want to give stakeholders in the music industry the ability to use real data to actually transform the industry. We believe data can actually change the music industry in Nigeria and Africa”

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