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Free Messaging Sevice LINE Surpasses 400 Million Registered Users

by Sam Wakoba
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Line-app-logoLINE app has announced it has reached over 400 million registered users across all platforms since it launch in 2011.

According to Akira Morikawa, CEO of LINE Corporation,” One of our goals for 2014 was to reach over 500 million users and today we’ve been able reach the milestone of 400 million. I’d like to thank all our users and supporters for their help so far.”

Morikawa said the growth was due to the rapid proliferation of smartphones which however has also led to increasing competition in the global communications app market.

“We believe that this shows that messaging services have become the crux of our mobile society, and demonstrates their incredible worth. With all of this in mind, LINE aims to further its growth and become the world’s top communications infrastructure, taking on many new challenges along the way,” Morikawa added.

With both voice and video calls as well as stickers and text messages, LINE had over 300 million users in by November  last year. it’s growing user numbers were in countries like North America and Europe adding to the already large user bases in Spain, Southeast Asia, and other countries. At the same time, the amount of daily new users reached a record-breaking number of around 1.7 million per day, indicating rapid growth worldwide.

Since the start of the new year the amount of countries with over 10 million registered users rose to a total of 10, including America, Korea, Malaysia, and Mexico. LINE has also recorded over 10 billion chat messages a day, 1.8 billion sticker messages a day and over 12 million phone calls a day.

LINE has also been adding new features  such as LINE Call, which was announced in February to allow users to call landlines and cellular phones for low prices, and the LINE Creators Market, where users can create and sell their own original stickers.

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