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The Land Rover Now Has A Transparent Bonnet

by Caroline Vutagwa
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A four wheel tech- car is want you may need to keep up in the fast moving world of technology; and the Land Rover is here to make it happen as a new technology is being developed to give Land Rover drivers a digital vision of the terrain ahead by making the front of the car “virtually” invisible.

The Cameras located in the vehicle’s grille capture data used to feed a head-up display, effectively creating a ‘see-through’ view of the terrain through the bonnet and engine bay, breaking new ground in visual driver assistance.

The creators call it the ‘transparent bonnet’, it enables a driver climbing a steep incline or manoeuvring in a confined space to see an augmented reality view capturing not only the terrain in front of the car but also the angle and position of the front wheels, (Cool, huh?)

“We believe the next 25 years will be the most exciting and dynamic the automotive industry has ever experienced. There will be huge strides in environmental innovation, in safety and capability,” said Dr. Wolfgang Epple, director of research and technology for Jaguar Land Rover. “As our vehicles become more capable and autonomous off-road, we will ensure the driver has the confidence to allow the car to continue to progress, over any terrain. We are developing new technologies including the Transparent Bonnet to give drivers an augmented view of reality to help them tackle anything from the toughest off-road route to the tight confines of an urban car park.”

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