Azanuru Unveils New Cloud Solutions To Fit Kenyan Businesses



Azanuru has unveiled cloud solutions that are bound to expand the wings of business in Kenya; The software which includes the v-datacenter: An infrastructure as a service (IAAS) that provide businesses with their own secure virtual datacenter in the azanuru cloud. Businesses can build their own cloud server instances, storage volumes, routers, networks and firewall security groups to extend their existing physical data centers or to create a new virtual datacenter. They can also buy cloud resources that they need on a monthly basis and resizing based on their business needs.

The other one is the v-office: With this affordable and smart office solution, small and medium businesses can move their office to the azanuru cloud. The v-office provides businesses with secure VPN access to email, shared calendars, secure file sharing, text/audio/video chat and conferencing.

Additionally businesses will get extra cloud security with the included firewall, anti-virus and IDS/IPS system.

The v-office solution is especially ideal for businesses that would like to implement work from remote (home/travel) and also for businesses with multiple offices.

It is also ideal for companies looking to improve intra/inter office team communication and collaboration while saving costs on office landlines and mobile phones.