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KarTag Wants to be Egypt’s Top Social Carpooling App

by Sam Wakoba
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1497759_267841073363483_509938245_nLaunched May last year, KarTag wants to be Egypt’s most reliable, trustworthy and social carpooling mobile app to help solve traffic jams in Egypt and even save the users time and money.

Founded by Hayk Hakobyan,  Said Gamal, Ahmed Saad, Khaled Mohamed,KarTag is a free ride-sharing app that aims to help usesrs access affordable and reliable transport, affordably. The app promises to reduce environmental pollution, traffic and parking problems in Cairo and other Middle East cities.

Initially launched on Android and iOS, the carpooling app aims to solve the matter of trust as possible by riding on top of existing cultural values and behavioral patterns.

“Egyptians are very social and love talking and interacting while being in a car,” the founder say on their site. “Using KarTag, a user can carpool – or kartag as we call it – with his/her Facebook friends and Facebook friends’ friends. In either case, a user is either carpooling with a real-life friend or has a real-life friend in common with the fellow carpooler.”

The team aims to leverage communities and groups and is taking its services to national universities  such as AUC, GUC, Heliopolis University and sience and technology parks  such as Smart Village and among malls such as CityStars. It also allows to carpool from and to big populated areas such as Mohandesseen.
Launched in May 2013, the app has over 1000 downloads on the Google PlayStore and close the same number on the App Store. The app now serves TEDxAUC, Kites, Heliopolis University, Sharemyfare, 2o Uses, Diwan bookstores and Wasalny and also gets serves users on its its Facebook community who want to use to make money from their own cars.KarTag’s competition includes PieRide, and NerkabSawa among others.




KarTag aims to make its money from white label versions of its app to corporations, MNCs, organizations according to the number of the size of the firm or the number of employees. The founders also customize the app for the huge corporations as they want.

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