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Axiz & Tripp Lite Partner To Spread Data Centre Solutions

by Caroline Vutagwa
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AxizWorkgroup and Tripp Lite have joined hands to ensure that their data centre solutions reach the millions all over the world. AxizWorkgroup is a leading IT hardware and software distributor while Tripp Lite is Tripp Lite is a global manufacturer of power and connectivity solutions for people and organizations that depend on their technology.

Tripp Lite’s firm position as an industry leader will help it rapidly spread its full datacentre solutions throughout the Southern African IT industry as it’s paired with other leading datacentre brands.

AxizWorkgroup will distribute Tripp Lite’s full range of datacentre infrastructure, power-management and connectivity solutions. Tripp Lite prides itself on its highly efficient and reliable products that promote cost savings and limited equipment downtime. After initially establishing itself as a top-tier producer of Uninterruptible-Power-Supplies and going on to perfect them.The partnership with AxizWorkgroup will help bring Tripp Lite’s 92 years of experience to the doorsteps of Southern African consumers.

Darwin Haines, vice president of Tripp Lite EMEA and Asia is quoted as saying: “We are very excited to establish ourselves even more deeply into the Southern African market as an AxizWorkgroup vendor. Our presence in Southern Africa has grown rapidly and we look forward to incorporating our wide-range of reliable products into network managers’ rooms and datacentres throughout all Southern African countries.”

“Tripp Lite has incredible potential for growth as our product lines are applicable both in higher-end full datacentre environments as well as in small-medium business environments with individual entrepreneurs or consumers’ workstations at home,” Haines elaborates.

“We are excited to onboard a leader within the datacentre field and we look forward to being able to bring their world-class solutions to the African market,” says Andrew Moodley, executive: Security and Services at AxizWorkgroup.

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