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2go Hits 13 Million Users In Nigeria Beats Facebook & Co.

by Caroline Vutagwa
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Nigeria has decided that 2go is the social media platform to get hooked to; the mobile platform has become the most popular among the many social media platform employed in the country, clenching 13 million users in just country.

The research results were reported by a strategy and communications consulting firm, ‘africapractice’, in its social media report titled “The Social Media Landscape in Nigeria”.

The report also found out that the country’s next biggest social network is Eskimi with 8.8 million users in Nigeria, while WhatsApp has 6 million and Facebook has 6.5 million users in Nigeria.

The report, which the firm describes as the “first of its kind”, discusses social media in Nigeria in terms of the shift to mobile platforms, notable platforms and personalities, preference for micro-blogging and social media.

The report also reveals that mobile chat apps are used as a relationship among civic engagement, accountability, engagement and new age branding.

And according to the report, platforms such as mobile chat apps and micro-blogs, in particular, are gaining traction in the West African nation.

The shift to mobile platforms in country, the report says, is attributed to lower bandwidths, less use of data and the fact that they are a cheaper alternative to SMS.

And despite Facebook having a user base of 6.5 million in the West African country, the social media report has noted that Nigerians prefer to use mobile chat applications as opposed to the social network.

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