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Intel Student Partner Program Now Launches In Uganda and Tanzania.

Intel has now opened up the opportunity for university students in Uganda and Tanzania after the successful launch of Intel Student partner program in Kenya.

To be part of this exciting experience, Candidates are expected to apply by 30th April 2014 in order to get an opportunity to act as liaisons between Intel and their universities. The program was created to enable Intel to engage more actively and more effectively with large student bodies across Africa.

Registered universities in Uganda and Tanzania have been given priority in the participation. A student must be enrolled in a full time program at a recognized university, students must have a grade point average of minimum B from their university therefore academic transcripts is required, students must have a record of organizing or developing a project that was of value to the university community and finally participants must be registered members of the Intel Developer Zone (IDZ).

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Participants can apply between April 16th and April 30th 2014 and will be notified within 2 weeks of their application. Intel at its sole discretion, may determine the end date of the program.


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