Jambojet Upgrades Online Booking To Increase Their Ticket Sales




The recently launched Jambojet, is now relaying on technology for their booking success, the company is working on making online booking their very way of boosting their ticket sales.

According to Willem Hondius, CEO Jambojet, the company has enhanced its booking and reservations systems.

“We have seen bookings continue to grow steadily. A lot of the Easter flights were packed though there were still many late bookings. however, we are continuously communicating to customers to book early so they can enjoy the benefits of budget flying,” said Hondius.

In that short time, domestic route Nairobi-Mombasa has been the most demanding, hence increasing ticket sale.

“With the enhanced platform, passengers can see the choice of flight timings, plus it is a quick and easy way to compare fares for different timings,booking online is very easy, cost effective and efficient,” said the CEO.