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CEO Weekends: 234: Time For The Nigerian Masses Revolution

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By Dr. Peregrino Brimah, Editor Every Nigerian Do Something @EveryNigerian

234 is Nigeria’s area code. 234 girls were reported abducted. 234 is significant for Nigeria. This is a message to us. 234 is telling us that it is time for Nigeria. You might feel only 234 girls were abducted and imprisoned by terrorists, but that is false. And the actual number does not refer to the other numerous abductees of the recent past who have remained with Boko Haram; the women and girls as sex slaves and the men as forced conscripts. No, that’s not the total number of abductees to terrorists in Nigeria.

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This 234 revolution refers to 168 million Nigerians who have been abducted for the greater part of 53 years by terrorist leaders. Economic, social, political and religious terrorists in power. This 234 revolution has been ordained to set Nigerians, the common man free from the abduction of the cabal.

The girls are suffering in the Sambisa forests, but Nigerians are suffering just the same; 72 of us were killed in Abuja a day before the abduction due to chronic corruption derived insecurity and corruption-wealth sponsored terror. Hundreds have had their limbs blown off, not just at Nyanya but across the nation. You cannot imagine the number of burned victims, the number of mutilated victims, the number of orphaned victims, the number of displaced victims, of psychologically destroyed victims that have built up across Nigeria, a nation abducted.

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Our dreams have been abducted, our financial security has been abducted, our oil wells, have been abducted, the fishing waters of our creeks have been abducted, our farm land has been abducted, our water-ways have been abducted, even our air is abducted—as the gas continues to flare in the Niger Delta, polluting the stratosphere and keeping the night sky red.

For too long, we have prayed, for too long we have hoped, for too long, we have believed, for far too long we have waited! Every day we protest! We are not yet done protesting the missing/stolen $20-127 billion, our four years budget that they pocketed—money  for our security. We are not yet done protesting the #NISMurder immigration scam in which our still in office minister who blamed Satan, murdered 20 of us to make an extra buck on all he already joins the government to loot. We are not yet done protesting them dancing over our graves; we are not yet done protesting the lack of power after PHCN was dashed to their cronies; nor are we done protesting oil-godess, Diezani who steals our common wealth to finance her private jet addiction; every day, for everything we protest. How many protests shall we protest before we realize that all we need is the one protest: The protest that #EnoughIsEnough, the #CabalMustGo! This final protest?

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Shall we continue to protest for lepers to thread the needle? Shall we continue protesting that criminals in power, private-jet drunks, sacrifice money to upgrade our security? Shall we continue protesting that this unconscious government find the girls only, or that they run out through the back door and hope we do not find them soon? These girls have suffered unimaginably for the two weeks already! Two weeks, girls are driven round our country in buses and our security cannot rescue them. This is not normal, this is evil. This is the result of us allowing hooligans, maniacal thieves remain in power. Shall we go and bow to them and beg them to do their pledged duty, or shall we command our numbers, 168 million of us and force them out?

Babangida is back. He is in charge of our security. Do we think he likes us? He knows we kicked him out; do we expect him to keep us safe? You ask how he is back? Take a look at the executive and legislative cabinets. Who is our senate president? Who is our head of security? Who is our defense minister? It is all Babangida. He said he will be back and he is. Shall we allow this? Shall we go to the National assembly, to CMS, tomorrow, the next day and the day after, to beg Babangida’s men to find our girls, or shall we march and demand they all pack their bags and free our country. That these thieves who know no more than looting; who compete with their loot; who keep the masses chronically distraught and enslaved and have no pity… these feeling-less, unconscionable vagabonds, who steal our security vote; who steal to steal and steal upon stealing. These zombies who steal from the unemployed, who steal from Almajiri’s in inflated cost school block projects. These vampires, who have left 100 million of us living below a dollar-a-day. These vultures… shall we not sack them today so we can have fresh air, not the ‘fresh air’ we breathe ever so often while we protest, but fresh air at last for our nation? So we select an entirely new crop from among us; of those of us who are youthful, the new generation with new ideas; yes, those of us who engage in unison of purpose everyday on social media. An entirely new crop to start, kick start a new history for Nigeria? Not politicians, intellectuals, members with ideas. New founding fathers to decide how Nigeria and the great nations it is made ofshould be. Not sleepers; not scrabble players. Not desperate thieves. It is time for openness, hope and opportunity with justice.

We may not agree which cabal it is, but we all agree the cabal are behind Boko Haram. And we also agree that whichever cabal is in power does not accost the other cabal behind the terror. And the cabal not in power, does not bring to our notice the cabal in power behind Boko Haram. And that all the cabal have unlimited immunity; with crimes on their heads, they still come back to contest for president, for governor, right in our faces. Patience Jonathan, the president’s wife was caught by the EFCC while Goodluck was governor, twice in 2006, trying to launder a total sum of 13,650,000.00! With such thieves of the money of the poor in power, how will we not be afflicted by the devil so? How will we Nigeria not continue to carry last, to be the basket of bad news in the world, when we allow thieves and killers remain above us? We go to jail for stealing indomie, but they never do. The solution to Boko Haram therefore is—chase all the cabal out. Drive those crazy baldheads out of the yard, as Marley said. Now!

I say today, tomorrow and the day after, when we march, we march the last march; we protest the last protest, the mother of all protests. 234 is a number that now attaches to a memory of the pain, the abduction. Let 234 be the number that made us set Nigeria, area code 234 free. Free from abduction of the Cabal.

It is time to end this pain and shame. It is time to rid this nation of this evil. It is time for the Nigerian Masses Revolution! Nigeria Must Be Free! We must be free of our abductors. For everything there is a season, for every matter under the heavens. 234 is the season, it is time to cast away!

Can you do this? Do this! God is on our side: the side of the oppressed masses. Let’s go Nigeria!



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