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Estonia’s Taxi Hailing App Saytaxi Launches in Kenya & Nigeria

by Sam Wakoba
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1378326_177582139110777_2074579320_nEstonia-based Multi Brain LLC is testing its Saytaxi in Kenya and Nigeria in a move to make taxi hailing in Africa easier and convenient.

The firm is working with partners in the two countries to work with drivers and grow a community of loyal users as it beefs up towards a massive local launch.

Steve Wangara, the Managing Director of Pacetrak Autocenter Ltd, Multi Brain LLC’s Kenyan partner told TechMoran, “With Saytaxi, you can order a cab and then track its progress to the pickup destination. You know when the cab arrives as you get an alert.”

The Saytaxi app is available for Android, Windows Phone and IOS and wants to put everyone’s ride at their fingertips as terrorism hits up in Kenya and Nigeria, especially targeting public and school transport.

Wangara says Saytaxi is  safe as users only get professionally approved drivers who care about customer service and have been rated. Finding Saytaxi is easy he says, and there is no need to for a user to look for a taxi on a map but just type “Find taxi” and the app will do the rest. The app then notifies the user when the driver arrives and user is put in control as they can check the driver’s details and decide whether to take it or not. Finally, as long as someone signs up, they don’t need to take their credit card out to pay, but as long as they add it in the app Saytaxi will process the payment on a user’s approval or use local MPESA.

We cannot say more about taxi hailing apps launching in the county now, as we have mentioned over six here and Rocket Internet’s EasyTaxi is also already in the country and the guys at Kenya’s Rocket Plaza say they are going public soon as we wait for Uber too.




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