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China Denounces Us Cyber-theft Charges.

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China has criticized US charges against five of its army officers accused of cyber theft saying that the states is also guilty of spying on other countries including China which brings the case out as hypocrisy and “double standards”.

US prosecutors say the officers stole trade secrets and internal documents from five companies and a labour union. China however put it clear on its website saying its government and military never engaged in any cyber espionage activities.

“US has possessed the technology and essential infrastructure needed to conduct large-scale systematic cyber thefts and surveillance on foreign government leaders, businesses and individuals. This is a fact the whole world knows.” Said a statement on China’s website.

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China has also said it is a victim of hacking not a perpetrator in which the US acknowledges that it conducts espionage but says unlike China it does not spy on foreign companies and pass what it finds to its own companies.

This will be followed by a suspension of cooperation with the US on an internet working group and might be back on board after some time of considering serious retaliation.

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China’s military had been the target of many online attacks with a fair number of those had been launched from American IP addresses. Between March and May this year, a total of 1.18 million computers in China were directly controlled by 2,077 machines in the united states via Trojan horse

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