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Jovago Begins East African Expansion

by Sam Wakoba
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jovagoAIH’s online hotel booking service, has began its rapid East African expansion with over 5000 hotels signed up on and over 130 in Uganda, over 158 in Tanzania and over 536 active hotesl in Kenya adding to over 826 active hotels in East Africa.

Aware of its competition, Jovago is increasingly moving online and price has been identified as one of the key reasons that motivate customers to book online. Consumers are also increasingly turning to the Internet to make purchases and book accommodation for convenience purposes and to save time.

According to Eve Makumi, Jovago Kenya PR and Marketing,”Jovago is championing for local tourism and encouraging people to travel locally by giving hotel owners visisbilty on our online booking platform.”

Jovago is continuing to expand and develop its services at an impressive rate. As the tourism and hotel industries in Africa continue to grow, JOVAGO is at the forefront of developing a large and accurate inventory of the best local hotels in the region.

Estelle Vardier, M.D Jovago East Africa

Estelle Verdier, M.D Jovago East Africa

Travellers still face many difficulties in finding African hotels and reliable reviews, since many local hotels are not being clearly documented with images and reviews. Elsewhere, making reservations and payments is not always straightforward. JOVAGO prides itself on ease of use and its transparency, through accurate representation of hotels and peer reviews. is also looking to fill a gap in the market by helping hotels market themselves effectively to their potential clients by making it easier for customers to find hotels and make a reservation, while hotels get more visibility and a simpler alternative to managing their bookings.

Though it seems the hotel industry in Africa is still trying to catch up with the modern trends of technology sweeping the globe, is helping to close that gap.

The website is easily accessible by any device capable of accessing the internet. It has an easy to use interface making it attractive to all and great emphasis has been placed on making the layout clear and user friendly so as to allow easy navigation and quick access to information.

 “In order to boost transparency and create comprehensive portfolio of the great hotels on offer in East Africa, thoroughly vets the hotels on the site and uses high quality photos to give users a true insight into the accomodation. Detailed desriptions and up-to-date information also enable users to make an informed choice when deciding where to stay in the region,” Jovago East Africa Managing Director Estelle Verdier concluded.

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