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Yahoo Set To Aquire Israeli Video Streaming Startup.

by Shiko Gathoni
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In a bid to expand internet-video streaming activities, Yahoo Inc is set to buy Israeli startup firm RayV, with negotiations currently ongoing.

The web portal has in the recent past built up its video offerings to attract ausiences and advertisersto help drive a turnaround since Marrisa Mayer took over. Among efforts is newly launched comedy shows, partnership with Live Nation (LYV) to stream a live concert daily for an year.

RayV optimizes for superior video delivery over the open internet in HD yet with uncompromising guaranteed Telco-Grade quality and SLA guarantees with cloud-based services from ingestion to user experience.

The acquisition will be of benefit to the firm considering past setbacks it has suffered after failure to acquire TV portal Hulu a French video site Dailymotion.

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