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Zomato Launches Collections to Offer Theme-­based Restaurant Discovery

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Zomato Johannesburg ScreenshotPresent in South Africa in Cape Town, Durban and J’burg and 12 other countries with over 228,000 restaurants, Zomato.com, an online restaurant discovery service  has today launched Collections, a tool that features popular restaurants across specific themes and trends on daily dinners, Romantic Dining, Late Nighters, Breakfast Places, Pet­Friendly Restaurants, and many more.

The collections tool is based on user activity and interest and is build on Zomato’s exhaustive restaurant content and will enable users to browse restaurants presented in categories based on popular themes in their city. Like, Delhi includes a ‘Legendary’ Collection, which covers famous, unforgettable restaurants in the Indian Capital; London includes ‘Gastropubs’, and Lisbon features ‘Beach Bars’, among other city­specific themes.

Deepinder Goyal, Founder and CEO, Zomato said after launching the FoodFeed, a social layer to restaurant discovery, the firm provide information for foodies minus the searching for it.

“ With Collections, we’ve turned popular theme­based searches into bite­sized lists of restaurants that address specific use­cases. In addition to the search aspect of Zomato, Collections opens up a whole new world from the discover point of view,” said Goyal.

zomato-logoCollections condense restaurant information into in a visually engaging format on the web and mobile to make restaurant discovery effortless for business dining options, best spot for a dinner date, or a meal with a live performance.

The site also has features like menus, photos and geocoded coordinates for restaurants; allowing users to find, rate and review restaurants, as well as engage in social interactions with other foodies.

Zomato currently sees over 16 million monthly visits globally, across its web and mobile platforms, from people searching for places to go out for a meal, get home delivery, catch up at a cafe, or enjoy the local nightlife. The highly targeted platform makes it convenient for restaurateurs to interact with customers who are looking for meal options.

Founded in Delhi in 2008 by Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah, Zomato late last year raised $37 million for expansion and is now available in 41 cities across India, UK, UAE, South Africa, New Zealand, the Philippines, Brazil, Turkey, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Portugal, and Qatar.

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