South Africa’s T-Systems Unveil Innovation Factory To Provide Access To Global Innovation



South Africa’s T-Systems have launched the Innovative Factory which is a local showcase of the international T-Systems Innovation Centre in Munich, tailored to the South African market.

The factory is an idea born from the partnership between T-Systems in South Africa, The Innovation Hub and Maxum Business Incubator. This innovation main aim is to provide access to global innovation for a wide range of customers and staff members, helping to drive transformation for South Africa through business innovation.

This innovation hub is located at The innovation Hub in Pretoria; it offers boardrooms for showcasing demonstrations, hot desking solutions for up to 20 people, and a collaboration space for design, brainstorming and solution crafting.

It will also offer demonstrations of Proof of Concept and test systems or solutions that highlight the potential of technology to change South Africa and the world. Customers and potential customers will also have access to leading entrepreneurs, industry partners and knowledge experts, who will be able to share their insights to further drive innovation.

“T-Systems is dedicated to aligning itself with the national priorities of South Africa. This commitment can be seen in our on-going efforts towards sustainable transformation, both within our own company and in the communities we serve. Recently, we restructured our minority shareholding to be more in line with the Codes of Good Practice. We are also transforming services by positioning ourselves as a leading provider of ‘ICT that works’ for South Africa,” says Gert Schoonbee, MD of T-Systems in South Africa.

“Innovation is the next stage in the T-Systems Transformation Journey, and is a key focus for us in 2014. One of the key roles of innovation is to enable customers to close the gap between IT and business, and business and its customers, creating Zero Distance. Zero Distance is essential in helping companies understand exactly what their customers, both internal and external, require. T-Systems has the solutions and the unique value proposition to deliver on these requirements. The Innovation Factory will help us to showcase these solutions and innovations to existing, new and potential customers,” he adds.

Monthly internal, customer and partner sessions will be hosted at the Innovation Factory. It will provide an environment that encourages and stimulate creative, innovative thinking which will bolster a culture of innovation in South Africa.

“In addition to showcasing global T-Systems innovations and solutions, the Innovation Factory will also act as a networking hub. The Innovation Factory will help to drive transformation throughout South African business by promoting information sharing between knowledge experts, and providing widespread access to global innovation localised for the South African market,” Schoonbee adds.

The Innovation Factory will enable the Maxum Business Incubator to leverage the knowledge from a global IT organization and will assist them with future business development and growth.