Employfy Launches in Kenya


employfyNew online recruitment platform serving Africa, Employfy has been launched in Kenya to support the needs of employers and job seekers to achieve their goals. Founded by Ahmed Noor Yusuf, a Melbourne based founder of KAZILEO, an IT jobs only site in Australia, Employfy aims to make life easier for both employers and employees.

“Employers get an applicant tracking system, a candidate filtering system (with skills and aptitude tests customised by the user) and a video interviewing system says the firm adding that it’s going to be the first to offer such services in East Africa and help employers  determine the quality of their final shortlisted candidates saving time and money.

The Job seekers also have their own job tracking system and it helps them profile themselves easily by importing their linkedin profile or by simply creating one. Job seekers can also record themselves and have a personal video to promote their candidature. The platform is also available for smartphone users as a mobile app.

The site will have to invest more to take on BrighterMonday and others already with huge inventories of job seekers and firms as clients but the market is also still ready for more job firms to cater for specialist job seeekers and firms.