Instagram Expands Its Advertising Territories.


Since introduction of advertisements on photo-sharing service Instagram, the company has announced further plans to unleash the same in the UK, Canada and Australia later in the year.

Audiences have since showed interest in the ads and had positive results which in some cases well above the ad industry’s average for performance. With over 200 million users worldwide, the company whose parent is Facebook as from 2012 finds it a logical step to roll out advertising in English speaking countries enabling global brand advertisers to extend their instagram efforts outside the US.

With study showing more people outside United States post photos on the site, the new roll out will definitely reach out to more of instagram’s fans. Starting with few firms last autumn, the company now stands at approximately 20 firms with monthly ad campaign costing close to $1m.

Companies including Adidas, autumn, General Electric, Taco Bell and Levi’s are amongst pioneers in the advertisement brands.