Tanzania Confident of meeting digital migration deadline.


With the international Telecommunication Union deadline for global migration to digital terrestrial television set for June 17, 2015, countries across Africa are on the run to have the transition in good time ahead of the later.

According to Tanzania’s Minister for Information, the operation has been smooth so far with an increase of the digital broadcasting coverage to 25 per cent of the population. As a result, about one million set top boxes have been sold to citizens since switching to digital broadcasting in 2012.

The communications body has taken initiative to switch off in areas where digital services are available. Digital migration has already been enforced in 14 regions including major cities like Dar es Salaam and Dodoma making it easy for the rest of the country.

Countries that include Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Botwana, Zimbabwe, Burundi, Rwanda and Sierra Leone have sought lessons from Tanzania to ensure smooth migration from analogue to digital broadcasting mode.

Tanzania has since received numerous proposals for content provision licences both locally and overseas.