‘Al Shabaab’ Twitter Account Still Active Despite Arrest


120127055441-twitter-story-topEven after arresting the alleged ‘owner of the Al Shabaab Twitter account yesterday by the Inspector General of Police, National Police Service Kenya David Kimaiyo, the account is still active and more sacarstic.

Kimaiyo yesterday ordered the arrest of one Ishmael Omondi for allegedly running the @HMSPress_ account, a suspected Al Shabaab account which claimed responsibility of carrying out Mpeketeni attacks which has claimed over 60 lives.

In a tweet Kimaiyo said,”Also in police custody is a suspect who was operating social media accounts purportedly used by Al Shabaab to claim responsibility.”

The Kenyan government has denied any involvement of Al Shabaab in the attacks and moved in to dismiss some officers for laxity and irresponsibility for failing to counter the attacks which took over 8 hours without security officers response.The government is also pointing fingers to the opposition for politically inciting the region and hence the attacks. However, the opposition denies any involvement is calling the government to take security seriously. Several suspects in connection to Mpeketoni incident including the owner and driver of one the vehicles used by attackers have been arrested for interrogation.

The government has also warned leaders and general public who will use inflammatory statements, or hate speech or negative propaganda will be arrested and charged.