Togo Is Just About To Issue The Third Mobile Operator License


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The government of Togo is now looking at how to carry out the process of authorising to award a third mobile operator for the country. Now, their biggest worry is the feasibility of the whole process.

The Ministry of Communication has partnered with the Banque ouest Africaine de développement (BOAD) to help in the process and although it is yet to publish a detailed schedule, the process should lead to a tender.

Togo has two mobile networks, the state owned Togo Cellulaire and Moov which is majority owned by Etisalat. The introduction of a new 3G/4G operator is intended to increase investment in infrastructure, boost competition in the sector and the economy in general.

The country’s mobile penetration rates is currently estimated to be 54 percent, compared to a regional average of 75 percent.Togo is one of the smallest countries in West Africa, and its population of 6.5 million is spread over 56,600 square kilometres.