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Airtel Kenya Powers Biogas Plant For I-Africa Kids

by Caroline Vutagwa
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Airtel CEO Adil El Youssefi dances with one of the children of I-Afrika Centre

Airtel CEO Adil El Youssefi dances with one of the children of I-Afrika Centre

Airtel Kenya has today announced its support for Immanuel Afrika’s (I-Afrika) biogas project.  The facility will see I-Afrika join a growing list of organizations that are opting for clean and cheaper energy sources.  The plant is designed to save on I-Afrika’s fuel and electricity expenses. The facility is also set to produce an environmentally friendly fertilizer for use on the organization’s farm.

Airtel Kenya CEO Adil El Youssefi said: “Kenya’s future relies on the foundation we give to our children. A solid foundation and hope that is provided to the disadvantaged children in homes such as I-Afrika will indeed give these young ones a bright future. It is a double coincidence that the construction of the biogas plant for the organization will help in the conservation of our environment while at the same time help the needy children achieve their dream”.

According to I-Afrika Director Peter Nduati said: “The organization will reduce the use of firewood for cooking, which will be an added advantage for the conservation of the environment, as well as being economical for the organization. The money that we’ve been using to buy firewood will now be channeled towards other areas such as school fees payment for the boys.”

Immanuel Afrika (I Afrika) is a street boy rehabilitation project started during the height of Kenya’s post-election violence in early 2008. Currently the Centre feeds and houses more than 80 former street boys (56 residential, 20 outside). Located in the outskirts of Kikuyu Divison, in Lusigetti town, the organization aims to take street boys out of this hopeless by rehabilitating and are enrolling them in school or vocational education. Those with suitable families are reconciled and reintegrated, and those without make I Afrika their permanent home.

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