Outdoor Advertisers Sue KENHA For Constitution Breach.


Outdoor Advertising Association of Kenya has gone to court over a policy that will see Advertising firms in major towns pay service fees to both county government and National Highway Authority which is against the constitution that only mandates only county governments to impose charges on them.

However, section 6(1) of the KENHA Regulations (2013) and section 22 (2) of the Kenya Roads Act enacted on May 10, 2013 by the then roads minister agree to the advertisers being levied by the agency which has seen many firms’ billboards rendered illegal.

This comes as the second time the association has presented the case in court over plans to hike billboard charges which was a success last year having the court block the county government from proceeding with new policies.

The new policy will have the county government in charge of issuing licences to place the billboards while the agency will see to it that firms foot part of the power bills on streets where the billboards have been erected.

Advertising Association of Kenya through Real Deals Limited  asked the court to stop implementation of the policy of entering into contracts for the temporary road reserved land and structures for placement of ads and acting upon such bids.

Source: businessdaily