CEO Weekends: Zanzibar-based ISP pushes to expand frontiers


Zanzibar-based Internet Service Provider, Zanlink

Zanlink, a Zanzibar-based internet service provider, has stated that it will roll out high-speed fiber-optic network across the country.

Sanjay Raja, who is the Managing Director of Zee Communications Ltd that runs Zanlink, said that plans are underway to extend the present fiber-optic network across Zanzibar.

Speaking during the launch of Zanlink’s rebranding, Raja stated that the new brand identity and the roll out of 4G WiMax Technology is expected to provide potential and current customers better and quality services.

According to Raja, the new identity is more visually compact as well as modernized as it connects consumers in an elegant and friendly manner.

He further emphasized that Zanlink is an approachable and human brand.

Beginning this year, Zanlink finished its construction of the PoP (Point of Presence) within Tanzanian’s mainland, offering different Layer2 and VLAN data links. The project will create strategic partnership with other worldwide operators across East Africa.

Zanlink, which has been in service for 14 years, evolved from a mere dial-up internet service provider to a company that presently serves approximately 65-percent of the entire market with services ranging from hosting solutions, fast broadband, online surveillance, network management and many more.