Adobe Photoshop Now Available For Lumia Users


adobe-photoshop-express-win8-app-780_widePhotoshop, a popular image editing app which photo lovers use to crop, edit and filter their photos. Though available on various mobile phone platforms such as Android, the Adobe Photoshop available on the Windows phone store.

You can now say goodbye to uploading your photos from your phone to the PC to Photoshop as Adobe Photoshop Express, which uses Photoshop technology is now available on Lumia.

Adobe Photoshop Express has a wide array of tools to help turn your already great photo into one that’ll be admired by many. The  Adobe Photoshop Express, now available for the Windows Phone for free will now give Lumia users on-the-go photo editing, better-looking pictures with automatic fixes and filters.

The Adobe Photoshop for WP will allow the users to crop their photos to a certain size or shape. They can also straighten, rotate, and flip their photos and also reduce the red eye glowing in a ny photo they have taken.

The app also comes with slider controls for exposure, contrast, Clarity, and vibrancy while its Noise Reduction Pack minimizes unwanted grain and speckling in a user’s photos. Adobe Photoshop Express comes loaded with more than 20 filter effects that can be applied with just one tap among other elements.