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Google declares publicly 13 new languages for Gmail

by Victoria Mukami
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Search engine giant Google has added 13 new languages to Gmail, which include Zulu, Afrikaans, Sinhala, Nepali, Mongolian, Lao, Khmer, Armenian, Chinese, Azerbaijani, Georgian, Galician and French.Gmail 13 new languages

The additional 13 increases the total number of supported languages to 71.

Ian Hill, Google Localisation senior project manager, posted on the company’s blog that Gmail is already accessible in 58 languages and they have brought the total to 71. He added that this brings them closer to their goal of ensuring that ‘no matter what language one writes in, one can use it in Gmail’.

He further stated that Google closely works with linguists of the languages it deploys for Gmail platforms to make sure that the style and tone are “just right.”

To access the latest languages, users need to click on “Gmail Settings” from inside the mailbox and select “Languages” beneath the “General” tab, Hill said.

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