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NTT DATA Advocates for Enhanced Cybersecurity Measures in East Africa

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NTT DATA, formerly Dimension Data, is urging both private and public institutions across East Africa to reconsider their cybersecurity strategies due to the increasing impact of Generative Artificial Intelligence (Gen-AI) and its associated risks.

During the launch of new cyber security and managed services in view of rising cases of cybercrimes orchestrated by Gen-AI event today at Sarova Stanley Hotel, Nairobi, General Manager of Managed Services for NTT DATA East Africa, Peter Gitonga stressed the importance of specialized knowledge in addressing ethical dilemmas and cyber threats related to Gen-AI, such as intellectual property issues, misinformation, data integrity, lack of control, integration complexities and privacy breaches.

“Advent of Gen AI pose a heightened sophistication of cyber threats. Shift towards cloud based collaboration platforms has introduced a new set of security considerations,” Mr Gitonga noted.

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The Communication Authority of Kenya (CA) reports a significant increase in attacks targeting Kenya, reflecting concerns amid the country’s growing digitization.

“Cyber attacks on Kenya have now increased in five folds. National Kenya Incident Response Team Coordination Centre detected 971,440,345 cyber attacks aimed at state agencies, internet and cloud providers and academic institutions.”

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He emphasized the need for robust security strategies integrating people, processes, and platforms, cautioning against overreliance on cybersecurity tools alone.

During the event, NTT Data launched various solutions like Managed Detection and Response (MDR) to improve cybersecurity and client experience.

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Further, Mr Gitonga expressed enthusiasm about the opportunities these solutions bring to East Africa.

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) offers proactive threat detection and rapid incident response.

NTT Data also introduced Managed Public Cloud services and Network as a Service (NaaS) to enhance cloud computing and network management in East Africa.

“Our Managed Detection and Response (MDR), Digital Forensic and Incidents Response (DFIR),Managed Collaboration (MCX) Cloud Solutions and advanced Managed Network Services (MNS) launched today will help our clients and organizations to combat these challenges.”

The Managing Director of NTT DATA East Africa, Richard Hechle emphasized the company’s commitment to introducing NTT DATA’s global services to the East African market.

“NTT DATA aims to offer tailored solutions across various sectors and collaborate closely with local businesses and governments to drive digital transformation in the region,” Mr Hechle noted.

Mr Hechle noted that Kenya and East Africa grapple with formidable cyber security challenges, particularly with the emergence of Generation AI.

He said to confront this, proactive education initiatives are essential, aimed at enlightening clients about potential threats and fostering preparedness.

“The prevalence of cyber attacks often stems from a lack of awareness and readiness, making education a crucial tool in fortifying defenses against evolving cyber threats.”

Additionally, he said the perception that cyber protection is exorbitant further compounds the issue, as the resultant damage to brands can be financially crippling.

“It’s imperative for stakeholders to debunk this misconception and underscore the long-term value of investing in robust cyber security measures,” Mr Hechle noted.

He added that to address these challenges, collaborative efforts between the government and private sectors are imperative.

Partnering with cyber security experts can ensure the safety and protection of public hotspots, safeguarding users from potential breaches and vulnerabilities.

“Moreover, comprehensive cyber security education initiatives must be integrated across all sectors, leveraging technology to disseminate information effectively. By utilizing innovative approaches to educate individuals and organizations, such as incorporating cyber security into tech-driven sales strategies, broader awareness can be cultivated. Furthermore, real-time managed attack response mechanisms are crucial for swift and effective mitigation of cyber threats, emphasizing the importance of proactive intervention strategies to safeguard digital ecosystems in Kenya and East Africa.”

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