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Google introduces app for taking selfie shots

by Robin Okuthe
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Google has added a remote shutter control feature to its Google Camera app to allow users take selfie shots without having to extend their arms.Google-Camera-app with Android Wear smartwatch

The updated app also allows users to bring their Android Wear smartwatch into play as a remote control for taking photos with their tablet or camera. To take a shot, users can tap a button on the smartwatch. A preview of the photos will then be displayed on the smartwatch.

This comes after Google launched its new smartwatch and wearables software platform, Android Wear, last month. Already, Samsung, Motorola and LG have their devices on the platform so Google is joining a crowded market of smartwatches. It is hoped that small perks like a Google Camera remote control could help keep Google afloat in the intensely competitive app market.

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