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Vera Sidika launches mobile app to earn extra thrust

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Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika has launched a mobile app for her huge fan base.Vera-Sidika mobile app

The app, which is available for download in both Windows and smartphones, will keep her fans up-to-date with her sense of fashion and style, or those looking to share her photos with friends.

Vera Sidika is among the current crop of Kenyan celebrities’ whose lifestyles have been dotted with interesting controversies. A number of local celebs developing own apps is growing radically. Many appear to perceive the app as an innovative means of reaching out to fans.

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Cremetech, a company that is known to create other similar Kenyan celebrity apps including Lupita Nyong’o and Elani designed the Vera Sidika app.

The company is also popular for developing the ‘Tourists Attractions in Kenya’ app that educates users about Kenya’s rich heritage and the top tourists attraction sites in the country.

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