Zapper launches in South Africa


UK-based Zapper has launched its secure payment app for smartphones in South Africa for the restaurant sector initially and eventually it will be rolled out to the e-commerce and the payment of all bills.

Derek Wiggill, GM of Zapper in South Africa, said:“Zapper is already live at 100 sites, with another 150 already scheduled to go live shortly,” Wiggill says.

“Because of this phenomenal growth, in terms of our staff complement we are going from 18 people to 101 in 90 days.”

Zapper will make it possible for restaurants and outlets to add unique dynamic QR Codes to till slips, allowing the customers to make payments using their smartphone.

The customer will then , scanthe QR Code and confirm the amount to be paid. Their card is then  charged after which they will receive an email receipt.


Among the features of the app is one that allows for the tip to be added through selecting the desired percentage and for the people who would like to split bills, this is also provided for with all transactions saved in the cloud.

Apart from being secure, the app also allows for loading of multiple cards where a user can use their own card to pay for their bills and the corporate card to pay for their business-related expenses.

While the user will not be required to pay any set up fee, they will negotiate a rate of 2,7% or less.

“Much more important, in my view, Zapper provides merchants with customer information they have never previously had, presented in an easy-to-use dashboard format,” Wiggill says.