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LG set to release paper-thin TVs

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LG hopes to release two super-thin TVs, one of them so flexible that it can be rolled up into a three-centimeter diameter tube.LG rollable tvs

The 1200by810 resolution screen remains intact even after being rolled into a three-centimeter cylinder. Earlier this year, LG exhibited one of its first flexible TVs at CES, a global consumer technology and electronics trade show. Flexible screens will enable TVs to be used in ways that are more creative.

LG indicated that it achieved the flexibility when it used a backplane made from “high molecular substance-based polyimide film” rather than plastic.

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The second panel is said to outshine earlier models considerably since it is transparent. The LG device evidences substantial decrease in hazy images and a 30-percent raise in transmittance. This explains the screen’s transparent effect.

LG has affirmed strongly its new screens prove to be on track for much bigger, Ultra HD-capable flexible screens in the near future. LG is “confident” they can deliver a 60-inch rollable panel in a matter of 3 years.

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Stephen Graves, an online deputy editor at, commented that flexible screens offer exciting view and are longer lasting than conventional screens.

“We anticipate seeing larger and better screens in, for instance, airplanes. They also create the possibility for a number of new gadget designs,” said Graves.

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According to Jeremy White, a product editor at Wired magazine, the new screen is perfect for exhibition display or retail. Being able to curve screens all over complex retail-display units or utilize the transparency to have the screen enclose the product itself on a stand would definitely be striking.

White added, “Actually, this invention also applies to tablets, which will potentially become the most used flexible screen application to an ordinary consumer.”

Evan Kypreos, an editor at Trusted Reviews, stated that rollable TVs could be manufactured by 2017 though warned they would be far too expensive for the average consumer.

Kypreos expressed that rollable TVs could create a similar experience to owning a projector since you can easily hide the screen when not in need.

“Instead of 60-inch TV screens, I think wearables would be a more exciting application of this technology. For instance, a curved screen smartwatch with a whole wrist screen would be interesting”, said Kypreos.

The company also said it is confident it will make by 2017 a 60-inch Ultra rollable HD TV.

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