Cameroon’s MuZik Brings Music Streaming to the Feature Phone


Founded in 2011, Cameroon’s Adelrick has combined AI and GSM technologies to create MuZik, a value-added service, which make mobile phone subscriber’s life more easier, by providing the right music or information , automatically grabbed on Internet, for feature mobile phone (without data plan) first, everywhere, anytime , in few seconds, just by texting your SMS query in English or French.

The Douala-based firm was founded by Patrick Mveng, a Cameroonian Software Engineer in Artificial Intelligence  graduated from IAI-Gabon, worked in ENSEEIHT Laboratory , 12 years experience in VAS ( SMS , WAP , VoIP , FaxoIP , IVR ) and web ERP projects manager in Cameroon companies and is also an architect of VIKI , a Siri-like virtual assistant which mimics human intelligence.

Inspired by the need to make human being easier by  providing AI-based applications, MuZik allows users to send an SMS inquiry such as “I want to listen a song in the last album of  Mani Bella”  and MuZik will play it on a users feature phone. If you SMS “Who are the finalists of Brazil 2014 World Cup ?” , MuZik will automatically grab from Internet “Germany vs Argentina” and SMS it to you.

MuZik makes money via prepaid pricing plans through premium rate number via its Discover platform which gives unlimitted free music with audio ads and the Premium one which gives unlimitted ads-free music for each monthly subscription.

“Music streaming quality with feature phone is a challenge Mveng says and also there is growing competition from international services such as Deezer , Spotity , YouTube and several others in Africa. MuZik’s unique point is it allows users to stream music minus access to Internet.

“With MuZik there is no need to Internet Connection; no app to install and it’s compatibility with feature phones. You have your music everywhere, anytime, Mveng told TechMoran. “We are honoured to be part of DEMO Africa 40. It will be a great opportunity to deliver to customers the result of more than 6 years R&D in AI and we shall continue to listen to human needs and continue to innovate in AI applications.”