AfricaCom ICT & Telecoms Innovation Awards Now open


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Now in its 7th year, the AfricaCom Awards celebrate and reward excellence in the African Telcoms, Media and ICT Market and has announced they are open to any operator, vendor and regulator of any size who offer solutions, products and/or services to customers from anywhere on the African continent.

The 2014 entries will be judged by an independent panel of adjudicators and the deadline for submissions is Friday 5 September 2014 through an easy-to use online entry system.   Entries for this category are free of charge and will be held in Cape Town.

The communications conference & exhibition with 300+ exhibitors and an astounding 9,000 senior decision-makers across Africa and beyond aims to address service quality and network improvement, advancements in LTE and improved mobile phone experiences as well as compelling and inspiring marketing campaigns.

The categories for 2014 include;

Best Network Improvement
This award recognizes a successful initiative from an operator and/or a vendor that has significantly improved a network’s performance or coverage in Africa since the end of November 2013.

Excellence in Customer Experience Management
This award puts the customer in the spotlight. It recognises a company or initiative which has provided compelling customer experience by developing an integrated CEM strategy, analysing data in an innovative way and /or considerably improving customer satisfaction.

Breakthrough LTE Development
Reflecting the increasing importance of LTE in Africa, this award will recognise an LTE network that has shown an outstanding development in 2014, be it a new launch or a considerable expansion. The winner will show qualities both in terms of the network and of the services to the end-users.


Best Cost Efficiency Solution for Africa
Recognises an outstanding new initiative from a telecoms or ICT solution provider, or from an operator/ service provider (mobile, wireless, fixed or ISP), which has enabled greater cost efficiency in the provision of telecoms, media and ICT services in Africa since November 2013.

Best Connectivity Solution for Africa
Focusing on connectivity improvements in rural, urban and under-served areas this award recognises an initiative or solution from a vendor and/or operator that has considerably improved connectivity in Africa or in a sub-region of Africa in the last year.


VSAT Innovation for Africa
This award recognises the positive impact of a recently launched technological innovation for VSAT in an African market, enhancing the delivery of VSAT services to the wider community, while benefiting the satellite industry as a whole.

Best Marketing Campaign
Recognises an inspiring and effective marketing campaign (can include new brand launch), advertising campaign, or innovative distribution strategy, launched by an operator/ service provider in Africa since November 2012.

Best Mobile Money Service
This award recognises a service that shows growth potential and uses an innovative business model in mobile money services on the continent.  Mobile financial service aspects include money transfer & remittance, cross border remittance, mobile banking, mobile wallets and NFC  and contactless transfer.

Best App for Africa
Recognizes a new application for consumers or enterprises which has demonstrated innovation towards meeting the needs characteristic to African markets and has potential for scalability.

Best Device for Africa
This recognises a top device (USSD handset, smartphone or tablet) which has proven to serve the needs of African markets particularly well. Special attention will be given to low-cost devices that benefit customers through reliable connectivity and wireless solutions.

Most Innovative Service
This prize recognises a popular new offering which, from conception to execution, has been an innovation. It could be for the consumer or the enterprise markets, and could be messaging, mcommerce, video, etc. It will be in an African market, and should have offered significant new prospects for revenue & delighting customers.

Best Pan-African Initiative
Recognises an initiative taken by an organization, or a group of organizations, to improve telecommunications services at a regional or continental level across Africa since November 2012.

Industry Personality of the Year
This special award recognises an inspiring initiative that has significantly impacted African telecommunications in the community and contributed to economic and social development since November 2013.

Changing Lives Award
This special award recognises an inspiring initiative that has significantly impacted African communications in the community and contributed to economic and social development since November 2013.