Shuffle Wants to Give You Disposable Phone Numbers & Email Adresses on the Go



 A new app dubbed Shuffle allows an phone owner multiple unique phone numbers and email addresses, which a user can forward their calls or emails to. Shuffle is  raising $35,000 through Indiegogo to make this a successs.

Developed by Canada’s Shuffle Ventures, Inc, Shuffle is launching in the US and Canada with plans to expand to other countries soon thereafter. It aims to allow a user to have disposable contact number which can be assigned a label that displays on the user’s phone when called, which helps the user recognize what the incoming call is about. All voice calls, voicemail messages, and text messages are grouped by each Shuffle number and can be managed through the app, bringing order to the many communications people deal with.

A Shuffle number can be used by just anyone to avoid them handing out their personal number to a new contact, can be used to make transactions on platforms such as classified Ads or dating services, job serach portals for privacy and any short term projects.

Shuffle numbers are reserved for 30 days and can be set up to auto-renew or expire depending on your specific needs. If someone is bugging you on a Shuffle number while you still need to keep it active, simply block them and the number will appear to be non-existing.

Shuffle offers free voice calls and text messages between Shuffle users utilizing Wi-Fi or the phone’s data plan. For communication with non-Shuffle contacts, the company offers VoIP text messages and voice call minutes at an affordable rate.

Shuffle is the first app to offer disposable email aliases as an extra layer of privacy in addition to disposable phone numbers. Personal email addresses remain private while using Shuffle’s email forwarding tool. Multiple email aliases can be created and managed through the app. When someone sends an email to the Shuffle alias, it is forwarded to the user’s actual email account.

With the funds raised through Indiegogo, Shuffle plans to finalize integration and testing of their iOS app and release it in the App Store. The company is offering top supporters, those who pledge $169 or more, an invite to join the exclusive inner circle of Shuffle beta testers.

The firm will launch an Android version in early 2015.