Ex-Rocket Internet Employees Launch Linda.com.ng | Nigeria’s Match.com


banner5Ex-Carmudi Nigeria employees have launched Linda.com.ng, a dating site seeking to become Nigeria’s Match.com in a move that will make it easy for people in Nigeria to find and date other singles in the country easily.

According to Jimi Akinleye, the founder of Linda.com.ng “every single person in the country wants to connect with a member of the opposite sex. They do this because they believe such a connection would lead to a long lasting relationship. Often times, it leads to marriages. We want to be the bridge for such level of interaction. We want to be the go-to place for meeting new people, starting new relationships that would be long lasting and could also lead to marriages.”

Linda.com.ng aims to spur interaction and engagement amongst users starting from its registration which is straightforward and short to its simple to use newsfeed and the innovative “date” button which allows users to signal their intention to other users on the site right on. The site also plans to roll-out a couple of packages to increase matches and engagement among users.

The free site will launch out premium packages for members in a near future.

Jimi was the Carmudi PR lead until mid this year when he and his other colleagues moved on to their new ventures.