Kenyan motorists to Use Visa Cards in 120+ Total Service Stations



Over 120 Total Service Stations across Kenya now accept Visa debit and credit cards, allowing for cashless payment of car fuel.

Jabu Basopo, Country Manager for Visa in Southern and East Africa, stated that “thanks to the ongoing installation of Point of Sale (POS) devices” at Total Service Stations motorists can now pay for fuel quickly and safely.

There is no need to take the risk of carrying cash, Basopo said adding that: “Drivers can safely make payments using their cards at our secure point of sale devices from the comfort of their vehicles. This puts Kenya on a technological par with many other countries around the world.”

Total Kenya hopes that the safety of cash will be useful to regular drivers as well to fleet managers as it allows them to control and monitor their fuel costs more efficiently.

Basopo hinted that Visa would be rolling out POS devices at TOTAL Service Stations in Uganda and Tanzania later this year.

Ada Eze, the Total Kenya Managing Director, pointed out that as non-cash payments become widespread in e-commerce and person-to-person payments, his company will continue to offer motorists a host of payment options at the pump.

“We want to make paying for fuel and other commodities and services at Total Service Stations as convenient as possible for motorists. Total Service stations are a focal point in our customer’s day-to-day lives and as such, we promise to continuously offer innovative and current payment solutions that make purchases as seamless as possible,” she said.

Total Kenya Service Stations currently accept cash, the ‘Total Bonvoyage’ fuel card, Visa payments, mobile money payments & in select stations, MasterCard.

Currently, Shell, Oilibya, Engen and some Kenol Kobil service stations operating in Kenya also accept Visa payments.