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Rural Ghana to benefit from Samsung’s solar-powered Internet Schools

by Caroline Vutagwa
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Electronics giant Samsung is set to deploy its Solar-Powered Internet Schools Initiative in rural and remote parts of Ghana. Already, the move is seen as making the vision of digitising Ghanaian schools within reach by the end of this year.

Samsung’s Solar-powered Internet Schools consists of a shipping container fitted with desks, a 65-inch electronic board, Internet-enabled solar-powered notebooks, Samsung Galaxy tablet computers, and Wi-Fi cameras.

Internet School are specifically designed for Africa, specifically for off-the-grid remote regions in Africa. According to Samsung, the facility will ensure that children receive technology-rich education locally.

The Solar-powered Internet Schools-classroom can accommodate up to 24 students. Samsung says Internet Schools will teach students how to use computers and how to surf the internet.

Fold-away solar panels provide sufficient energy to power the classrooms’ equipment for up to nine hours a day, or one-and-a-half days without any sunlight. The solar panels are made from rubber, rather than glass, ensuring they are hardy and durable enough to survive long journeys across the continent.

Samsung is working with the Government of Ghana and the Ministry of Education, local educators, content developers, school administration and management to integrate the Internet Schools into local communities in Ghana by the end of July.


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