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Nigeria’s President Unveils e-Passport

by Caroline Vutagwa
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Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan has unveiled the West African nation’s first ever 64-page e-passport. The president and his vice Namadi Sambo later took turns to be captured in order to be issued with the new traveling document.

Goodluck Jonathan insisted that the e-passport had to be increased from a 32-page to a 64-page so that frequent travellers will not have to change their passports every other month because of limited pages of the visa.

He tasked officials of the Nigeria Immigration Service to protect the integrity of the passport by ensuring that it cannot be easily faked.

He also asked officials who manage the nation’s airports to ensure that they conduct themselves in a manner that will portray the country well before visitors.

The new passport which takes effect from August 1 attracts a fee of N20,000.


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